What if trying to control your life is the very thing that prevents the Universe from taking good care of you?

Who is the doer this is the question!

All the great spiritual teachers including myself, will tell you are doing nothing.

…You wrote the script long before it played out, this is not just happening personally or globally…But this is a universal phenomenon.

Its no hard science to realize cause and effect the problem lies in that we think we’re above it, that’s part of the delusion.

…Duality is illusion, feeling separate is illusion, it is the disconnection from source that is illusion. We are all connected just many aren’t connected consciously, and it is this mind space which is illusion too.

We have heard this 10 thousand times, All is One, right!

I will say it again, Who is doing what, and who is controling it?

We are Non-Dual, That One Thing in the seemingly many is behind every eye that sees, every ear that hears, every mouth that speaks, animates every body that moves, the invisible being beyond that is witnessing, that is awareness itself.

That Self, that is aware is the One Awareness we all share…That one thing.

This is not intellectual, I am that, I am

There is no good or bad, that is just the illusion we have scripted in the storyline of humanity, I am sad, I hate life, why can’t I get what I want out of life, why is he sad when I am over joyed, why are people killing each other to live in peace…We all have written the script long before it played out.

…When the cause becomes effect, then we try to control it.

It is fruitless…because that one thing is doing it, that one thing is the controller, how can you control, it is impossible! Its only a limited ego that thinks its bigger then itself.

What if trying to control your life is the very thing that prevents the Universe from taking good care of you?

As we sow we reap…this is the law.

Who is the doer and who is doing what? Think about it…

Here is what the Bhagavad Gita says: It is a delusion to think “I am the doer” because actions are caused by the gunas ( purity, passion, ignorance ) influencing the body, mind, and senses.  The wise, however, remain free because they understand that body mind-sense-complex engages its objects automatically.  Those unaware of how the gunas affect action get caught up in the actions of the body-mind-sense-complex.  One who knows the Self should not disturb the understanding of the undiscriminating ones who don’t.    

Love and Grace

Jody Walker

Creator & Founder of Simply Being Spiritual Bhâvajalanji teaches with clarity, power and provocation. In his presence you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, cutting edge ideas, spontaneous humor and proven practices, Bhâvajalanji motivates, provokes and inspires you into surrendering into your own greatness. Bhâvajalanji focus on bringing teachings into your physical body both sets him apart from other teachers and empowers you to make lasting changes in your life.


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