We all need a philosophy for living our life. Sometimes we craft it consciously. Usually, it seeps into us unconsciously, from the people and experiences we meet in life. To guide your life and create a correct map of how we should live our life, it is useful to consider these three questions and their useful answers.

1. When is the most important time?


The most important time is “now”. That is the only time we ever have. Just do it now. The opportunity may never come again. Grab the moment.


2. Who is the most important person?


The most important person is the one you are with. Communication, and love, can only be shared when the one you are with, no matter who they are, is the most important person in the world for you, at that time. Give the person you are with total importance. When you are with yourself, give yourself total importance.


3. What is the most important thing to do?


The most important thing to do is to care. To care means to be careful and caring. Careful in everything that you say, do or think. Caring to everyone who you meet.


Three simple and important questions, three simple and profound answers.


They will serve us well on our life-journey.


Creator & Founder of Simply Being Spiritual Bhâvajalanji teaches with clarity, power and provocation. In his presence you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, cutting edge ideas, spontaneous humor and proven practices, Bhâvajalanji motivates, provokes and inspires you into surrendering into your own greatness. Bhâvajalanji focus on bringing teachings into your physical body both sets him apart from other teachers and empowers you to make lasting changes in your life.


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